Those issues of privacy are no longer important in these times of radical transformation  for humanity.  The training and experience that I have received as a minister and teacher have been enhanced by years of study and practice in the healing arts and transformational mentoring. 

Over the years I have studied and worked with gifted teachers in Ascended Master Studies, spiritual alchemy, shamanic arts, energy healing and meditation to fine tune my spiritual awareness and channel. Fortunately today, much of this work is public knowlege and even appears in the media on Oprah Winfrey with Dr. Oz to mystics such as Eckhart Tolle and also on PBS with presenters such as Drs. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra. As a result, the field of energy medicine and transformational psychology is more accepted and understood by the public.

  At this moment in history humanity has awakened dramatically to the reality of the Law of Mind Action.We have become aware that our Thinking and Feeling world is the creative engine and principle behind the reality we create personally and collectively. Science has even validated this phenomena in what it calls "the placebo effect". The Law of Attraction is very real.
My career in service has its beginnings in public education. After serving as a fine arts instructor at the high school and college levels for 15 years, I was profoundly guided to enter the ministry.  This occurred largely because I was seeking deeper meaning in my own life as well as a deeper connection with those I came into contact with. 

During my first ministerial experience in 1988, I had a transcendental awakening that changed my view of human reality forever. This spontaneous two week long "peak experience" made me aware of my True Nature as a conscious being and it has colored all the activities of my life since that time. 

Since then, I have served as a spiritual teacher, counselor and minister within the Unity and Science of Mind movements and other related New Thought communities. Because of my desire for privacy, and to avoid potential misunderstanding around such notariety, I chose not to share much of my private revelations.
It is with this knowlege, experience and intention to serve that I offer a variety of transformational services which always begin with attunement to the Source of all creative and healing potential, my own I Am Nature, and the Melchizidek Order. This "I Am That I Am " nature within us all  is the motive energy behind all creation and is the foundation principle that all the wisdom traditions of the planet are based upon. It is with this focused Intention that I attune to the Higher Self of my client,or the group with which I am working.  My goal is to demonstrate for others how this sacred alchemy of Divine Attunement can be achieved by all. This process is simply an act of remembrance of what already exists beyond the veil of human perception.

Gary Layman ~ A Life in Service
The Prodigal Path and Beyond