Spiritual Counseling with Gary Layman
"Gary is a very knowledgeable and innnovative teacher and it is his heartfelt desire to help us understand our role as "mystics" in our everyday lives.  He reaches out to all wherever they are in their spitiual journey and gives them the support and tools they need to move forward."

Ron and BJ Fletcher, Hilo, HI
Glossary of Terms

ASCENSION ~  The process of spiritual transformation that the master Jesus accomplished after his so-called death at his crucifixion.  This is the state of spiritual evolution that all human beings can experience at the end of the incarnational cycle.  It is in this new "body of light" that the spirit of the individual becomes an unlimited creative being once again, and is able to move at will interdimensionally beyond the limits of time and space.

ASCENDED MASTER ~ An unlimited interdimensional creative being that has evolved beyond human limitation and desires to serve and grow in the unending evolution of the universes.

MELCHIZIDEK ORDER ~ A vast order of advanced beings who work interdimensionally, seen and unseen, to advance the evolution of humanity in the cosmos.

I AM NATURE ~ God in all its manifest forms, seen and unseen, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent.

SHAMANIC DREAM HEALING ~ A process whereby a shamanic mentor assists the dreamer to re-enter and explore the healing and awareness potentials found within the "energetic symbolism" of a dreamscape.

HIGHER SELF ~ A contemporary generic term that refers to the traditional Christian term of the "Christ nature" or the "Mind of the Buddha" in the East.

MERKABAH ~ (Light Body) The indescribable geometric Light Body or interdimensional vehicle in which highly advanced beings traverse time and space.

MANDALA ~ A two-dimensional graphic design with a center point used for contemplative meditation.  In an advanced practice, it is possible for the practitioner to use mandalas as a "search engine" for transpersonal travel and communication.

LAW OF ATTRACTION ~ (The Law of Mind Action)  The spiritual law that is at the heart of all creative manifestation in the universe of forms and circumstances.  That which is of like vibration is drawn to like vibration. This law has scientifically been proven to be so in the field of quantum physics and is sometimes referred to as "the placebo effect".
The Prodigal Path and Beyond