An Overview of the Book

   I AM LIGHT is a journey of Remembrance.  
As the reader moves  into its three part narrative and guide, one is transported through the Prodigal illusions of life into increasingly higher frequencies of Self-Realization.


The Journey of Separation and Awakening

   The initial portion of the narrative sequence covers the seekers process of seeming separtation from the Source. However, through Grace the traveler finds himself/herself re-awakening to a more grand sense of Reality. This portion of the journey culminates in an example  of Transcendent Awakening that is a result of the Law of Attraction. Seeming "coincidental grace" is the theme of this part of the Prodigals Journey.


The Return to the Presence

   After the "peak experience" of the Prodigal, he returns to the world of human activity with renewed awareness and challenges. This time he must consciously choose his return strategy to the "Fathers House" with a different set of values and purpose. How to be in the World and not Of It is the challenge.


Communion with the Masters

   The final chapter for our Seeker occurs within the paradox of Surrendered Power, to a Higher order of Being. It is here that our hero learns how to make conscious  contact with the Host of Light. Unity Consciousness is the result as the human struggle comes to  its final
conclusion. The practical mystic emerges with clarity of creative purpose and abiding connection to the Source.

    I AM LIGHT is also meant to be practical.  During your reading , you will find  greater insight and healing towards your own Self-Mastery that include the following:

  • Understanding and Healing emotional triggers
  • Deeper Insight into the " Law of Attraction"
  • Increased levels of Wellbeing and Creative Power
  • Improved Relationships
  • Empowered Inner Guidance via the Higher Self
  • Tools for Abundant Living
  • Abiding Peace
"Gary's warm and articulate style puts me immediately at ease.  He carries wise and diverse tools to help one navigate through these difficult times.".

Kalyani Bliss, Singer/Songwriter/Lightworker
Grass Valley, California
The Prodigal Path and Beyond