Guest Speaking Options

Gary is also available to speak on a variety of topics at churches, businesses, colleges and other groups.

---- "The Walk Between Two Worlds", how to be in the world, not of it, or how to walk and chew gum at the same time.

---- "The Law of Attraction", how to manifest what you want and eliminate what you don't want.

---- "The Conscious Dreamer", where do dreams come from, their healing and guidance potential.

----"The Divine Marriage"...contacting the inner Beloved.

---- " Practical Mysticism in the 21st Century",  how to utilize the tools of the mystics in everyday life.

--- "The Spirit of Aloha Experience" and ho'oponopono,
the Hawaiian tradition of mystical healing.

---Sacred Geometry and Mandala Meditation Practice
I AM Light - The Seminar
Gary's seminar includes the following principles in an experiential program for personal transformation.
  • Healing the veil of illusion and suffering that prevents access to joy and well-being
  • Unraveling the mystery of time as a barrier to full awareness
  • Accessing the power of true inspiration through Intention, Attention and Decree work
  • Conscious awareness of the Higher Self
  • Demystifying the sacred trinity within the human heart.
"I AM Power Circles"

Many seekers no longer feel nurtured by the conventions of formal religious traditions.  For this reason, many people feel a common need to gather with like-minded mystics in small, alternative groups. 
Keynote Presentations and Seminars
"We are very grateful to Gary for his initial teaching, and then organizing our study and meditation class here in Hilo.  Gary is a very knowledgeable, innovative teacher, and heartfelt in his desire to help us understand our role as mystics.  He reaches out to people wherever they are in their spiritual journey and gives them the support and tools they need to move forward."

B.J., Ron, and Jean ~  Hilo, Hawaii
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There is a new archetypal model available that has proven successful in our community in southern Oregon, that I have been asked to share with others.

For the growing number of people who may be interested in forming their own "I AM Circle,"  based upon the Perennial Philosophy, I am available as a consultant.  This mentoring intention is based upon complete local autonomy and Mastermind guidance, without traditional institutional structure or hierarchical leadership.  This form of spiritual community is described in my book, "I AM Light!".

If you are interested in exploring this new form of devotional community for spiritual growth and support, please contact me.
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The Prodigal Path and Beyond