"Gary's warm and articulate style puts me immediately at ease.  He carries wise and diverse tools to help one navigate through these difficult times.".

Kalyani Bliss, Singer/Songwriter/Lightworker
The Three-Part Journey ~

  • The prodigal journey and mythos
  • The awakening process:

---- SPIRITUAL HEALING AND GUIDANCE....   Recommended for those seeking a general sense of  enhanced well-being mentally and emotionally.  This session would include a clearing process, energy infilling and an ongoing maintenance strategy. This is not a psychic reading, but rather a SELF EMPOWERMENT PROCESS for those seeking access to their OWN inner wisdom, healing and guidance.

---- HIGHER SELF MEDITATION....  For those seekers that desire a more intimate connection to their Sacred Nature.  This mentoring session will give the sincere seeker the tools to begin that relationship in a more profound manner.

---  EMPOWERING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION... For those desiring to eliminate those blockages that prevent our desires to manifest and step into true abundance of all things good in our lives.

---  SHAMANIC DREAM HEALING...  For those that wish to explore the meaning of the symbols and experience of the dream world. The world of dreams and visions is vast, but this session primarily deals with the healing potential and enhanced awareness that can be found for the "Conscious Dreamer".

---  MANDALA MEDITATION...  For those that wish to enhance their intuitive and visionary abilities. This practice opens the seeker to the world of Sacred Geometry and visionary travel.  A mandala is a spiritual 'search engine'!  Learn the secrets of this visionary alchemy.

---   I AM EMPOWERMENT....  This mentoring  process is designed for those sincere seekers who choose to step into their next phase of spiritual evolution. This is the Pathway of the Practical Mystic. For those individuals that seek to be "in the world and not of it" in these challenging times of change,  I will help guide you gently to your next level of Spiritual Freedom. I emphasize the word Freedom here, because this is in no way an attempt on my part to aquire followers.   Simply put, I am an awakened teacher.   I offer a personally empowering mentoring service to my students for their own unique pathway to liberation.  I welcome all inquiries regarding this uniquely personal journey.
     I suggest you select your area of interest prior to contacting me.  This will allow me to more quickly attune to your needs.

  • Communion with the masters

The Book
The Prodigal Path and Beyond