An empowering testimonial

  When I first began reading  I AM LIGHT, I stood at a personal and professional crossroads, wrought with anxiety and confusion. Lo and behold, Gary's book contained the very answers to all my specific questions - right there, in black-and-white print, before my very eyes and handed to me on a silver platter! I believe such magical and transformative experiences await all who seek wisdom within these pages, for they shall find answers to their concerns and the next step on the Path, as I did.

   Reading and editing this book each day became a reverent ritual, as I felt a mysterious and benign loving Presence - a warm Guiding Light directing my work. In certain sections, a gentle but emphatic Voice commanded:" Do not alter this text! The Wisdom of God cannot be edited!" I realized I wasn't editing just another book; I was stewarding something sacred. I wasn't correcting grammar or punctuation; I was praying and meditating. It was not just another job; this was sacred work!

   During this time, beautiful dreams, higher guidance and inspiration poured forth. These were just some of the amazing blessings that occurred after reading just a few chapters. The high frequency of the words triggered many epiphanies for me with life-altering results. I felt Gary's passages streaming forth from a Light Source in a higher dimension.

   I awoke several nights wondering if I had left a light on in the office. There were no lights  on per se; the book had been " left on, " and the Light emanating from it was so bright I sometimes felt blinded!  Then one morning I awoke to a powerful image of an enormous flame that had been lit like a giant candle in the center of  my chest. I asked my Higher Guidance for an explanation and was told it was the "Divine
Spark" that had been infused by osmosis from the BOOK.  These are just some of the occurrences that can result from Gary's potent words.

   I was a different person when the initial edit was completed and almost embarrassed to charge for my services. I realized that currency no longer served any purpose in this endeavor. This book was about the "Currency of the Heart and Spirit."  So Gary and I began an energy exchange of editorial and spiritual services. Two weeks later, my freelance work quadrupled out of the blue and my claircognizant abilities multiplied tenfold.

   I have now integrated the I AM PATH and book's wisdom into my daily spiritual practice, with deep gratitude to Gary for the profound gift he has bestowed upon us all. The Divine Spark within grows brighter each day and many incredible miracles continue to unfold. And, so too, it will for you during your immersion in these wondrous pages. Think of it not as reading a book but as embarking on a spiritual  journey to the highest realms that will bless your life. It will imbue your being with a renewed sense of joy and a rise in frequency of Light that will illumine your own Path forever.


Catherine Rourke,
Professional Editor at Random House,
Journalist and Writer.  Random House, 2006
Journalist of the Year Award (Arizona), and 6 Truth in Media Awards.
Ashland, Oregon - 2011
This book will change your life!
by Catherine Rourke

   I am a professional editor and writer. When Gary approached me to do a final line edit for his book I AM LIGHT, I thought that I was just going to do another job. However,  as a wordsmith I soon found myself spellbound, and as a mystic, I was stunned. What had begun as an editorial task, became a spiritual transformation. Instead of searching for stray typos, I found myself seeking truth. Instead of detailing footnotes, I was following Gary's footsteps. Instead of marking up copy, I was embarking on the Path.
At this wonderful moment in time, we have the ability to create virtual communities of like-minded people.  This page is composed of people with whom I have worked directly, and who can be of help in a variety of ways.  In addition to being my "launch team" for I AM LIGHT, I encourage you to contact them for specific services that might be helpful to you.
"In reading "I am Light" by Gary Layman I was struck by the profound significance of this grand vision of what's coming in the next next phase of human evolution when we're all consciously connecting with Source through the "I am" presence. His book is  an inspired prayer full of wisdom for the "new age" being born in these turbulent times - a channeled, semi-autobiographical story of what's to come for all of us in the days ahead with practical tools for meeting this challenge/opportunity within on this ultimate path of love.
John David Van Hove, of Ashland, Oregon,  is the CEO & Founder of the Institute for Communications Resources INC.  John David Van Hove, is an author, educator, researcher, community organizer and networker, entrepreneur, musician and performing artist and public speaker extraordinaire in many topic areas including individual sovereignty, freedom and liberty, history, law, economics, money and the nature of global power structures.
He has also had a successful career teaching the seven aspects of sovereignty and personal responsibility. Other core competencies include both financial and health coaching.
"Gary tells the unique story of his spiritual journey, relating it to that of the prodigal son returning to the Father's house, where he comes to the realization of the I AM Presence of God within--a story of awakening from which most on the spiritual path will be able to draw encouragement."

Rev. Kortni Jones is the founder of The Sanctuary of Light in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is dedicated to sharing the Teachings of Jesus the Christ, Saint Germain, and the Saints and Ascended Beings East and West.

His love knowledge and understanding of the Ascended Masters’ Principles and The Science of the Spoken Word, makes him a wonderful teacher and example for all.  Visit his website at

Peter Mt. Shasta met the Ascended Master Saint Germain in an apparently physical body in Muir Woods in 1973, and agreed to help him in his work of bringing the I AM Consciousness forth at this time.  The Master sent Peter to Mount Shasta, California to receive the training and testing required--leading to a series of amazing adventures with the Masters, which he recounts in his book, Adventures of a Western Mystic.  Peter now travels the world lecturing and giving workshops on I Am Consciousness.  I encourage you to visit his site to determine if he is presenting in your area.  Visit his website at:

I have been acquainted with Gary Layman for well over 20 years, observing him in the role of spiritual teacher and mentor for many in southern Oregon, sharing his heartfelt insights on individual illumination.

We know truth when we hear it. Just recently, I have been fortunate enough to read Gary's gift to us, “I AM LIGHT”. The book provides a road-map whereby each of us may walk the sacred path of life, gathering from our personal experiences knowledge that will help us utilize the toolkit he provides, accessing higher states of spiritual awareness.   With a depth of knowledge in both Biblical and Metaphysical disciplines Gary's main message in the book promises to connect us with our Divine Nature.
I would recommend this book to any student or teacher interested in benefiting from the lessons of a contemporary mystic. Don't take my word, get a copy, and read it for yourself, you will enjoy the journey.
Fred Jenning Rogers, owner of Aquarius Books and Gifts, in Grants Pass, Oregon.  Fred is also author of  Journey of the White Robes.    He can be reached at
This book is truly compelling. Indeed, it is a masterpiece, delivered straight from the heart….a must have for the sincere seeker.
Rev. Kortni Jones
Dorothy and Bill are both ordained ministers. Dorothy has been mininstering for 34 years and has founded 3 spiritual centers in Oregon. Bill has taught at two retreat centers in Virginia. Dorothy is the author of 16 Ascended Master related books and is currently assisting Bill on his  " book of remembrance" of his life with the Master Jesus.
      They are still actively serving and teaching at their Chapel of the Heart in southern Oregon. They welcome calls at 541-476-8088 or log on to Dorothy's website at
In addition to being a loving heartfelt teacher, Gary Layman is a brilliant spiritually attuned person with an ability to speak on serious subjects while remaining light-hearted. His book is far more than a mere self help message. Filled with magnificent, indepth examples of spiritual growth, it also propels one into mystical awareness.  Gary speaks directly to the reader and brings one into a unified sense of Oneness. "I AM Light" is a genuine  classic.
Rev. Dorothy Leon-Newman

I have known Gary for two years. He is an amazing person, keeping himself spiritually attuned to what Jesus calls "The Father".   It is that close
link to God that makes his book SPECIAL. It is a must read for everyone on the spiritual path.     Rev. Bill Newman
In Gary Layman’s book I AM LIGHT he shares with us his journey of remembering, which guides us into understanding we are not alone on our journey. Personal stories have a beautiful way of assisting us to examine our own life.  However, what is unique about I AM LIGHT is Gary gives us answers to help us move past our personal story and fully awaken.  His heartfelt sharing of his wisdom and connection with the Ascended Masters, gives the reader insight and tools for enriching their life.  I AM LIGHT is an excellent handbook for embracing our light within. Louise Rouse
Coach Louise Rouse
"I am honored to to support Gary Layman's wonderful book, and his empowering teachings to mankind. In my way of giving back, I offer the free gift below to you"

The Conscious Way Toward Healing Grief

For 5 weeks you will receive a guided step-by-step liberating process for awakening, healing and living fully once again. Release your "chain of pain" and discover how to have an Invisible Relationship. Learn how powerful your thoughts are to create and communicate. Your loved ones want you to know you deserve to be happy.  Remember nothing ever dies it only transforms, and your loved ones are still with you. 

Plus you will receive a monthly inspirational newsletter, membership to an online grief community, and support through monthly group coaching calls. Link to collect offer

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"Gary Layman truly is a bright light in this world. The light of his soul shines through in all that he does and comes out brilliantly in his new book "I Am Light: The Prodigal Path & Beyond." In this easy to read book he does what every great spiritual teacher does and that is, he shines his light and his truth in such a way so as to inspire others to do the same. His book tells a fascinating story that serves as an affirmation and testament to the truth of our being: I Am Light! ---Rev. Ana Jones."

REV. ANA JONES lives and works on the Big Island of Hawaii, and  is a nationally known Interfaith Minister, Reiki Master-Teacher, and life-long Clairvoyant Medium, with growing international recognition. Ana has been developing her expertise in the fields of Holistic Energy Medicine, Intuition, and Spirituality for over 28 years.

Thousands of clients who have had private sessions with Ana appreciate the clarity of her gifts and abilities, and have reported having deep healing, profound transformation, and awe inspiring, uplifting experiences with her. She has served for many, as a teacher of the teachers and healer of the healers and her peers know her professionally as an insightful visionary and eloquent luminary for holistic living and spiritual enlightenment.
Louise is an author and gifted grief counselor in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon.
The Prodigal Path and Beyond